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Australian Business News

Corporate profits make record leap as coal, iron ore pricing fires mining sector

A Booming mining sector helped Australian corporate profits rise by a record 18.9 per cent in the second quarter. The result highlights the transforming effect that surging coal and iron prices will have on the economy well into the future, and underlines how Australia will grow even as major econom... Read More

Kingsgate full-year profit more than doubles to $73.1m

Kingsgate Consolidated says it expects a shake-out to occur in Australia’s mid-tier gold sector that could make it predator or prey. The comments come as the gold and silver miner’s profit more than doubled to $73.1 million in the year ended June 30 from $32.5m the previous year as its C... Read More

Australian stockmarket rises ahead of revised GDP data in US

The ASX closed slightly higher today as the profit-reporting season wound down and ahead of reports on the latest US economic data. Building on yesterday’s positive close in Australia, the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 index rose 14.1 points, or 0.32 per cent, to 4370.1 points, while the broader All ... Read More

Wheat exports to China triple in deregulated market

Australian wheat exports to China have already tripled this year, and demand from the world’s most populous nation is expected to lift. One major exporter said that demand from China, the world’s biggest grain producer, could be sustained. Australian wheat exports to the world’s most popul... Read More

Bernie Brookes regrets Myer public listing

Bernie Brookes, the king of Australia’s huge Myer department store chain, says dealing with shareholders is “like herding cats”. The chief executive also said life was better when Myer, which listed on the stock exchange last year, was a private company. Mr Brookes told a business ... Read More

Report on Fairfax strategic review must wait till October

Fairfax investors must wait till October for the details of a much anticipated strategic review of the trans-Tasman media group. Speaking at its briefing on full-year results today, Fairfax Media chief executive Brian McCarthy told analysts that he “would put people” first. Mr McCarthy said he w... Read More

Investors cheer solid company profits

INVESTORS warmed to solid corporate earnings in today’s avalanche of results, with Woolworths leading the pack on a $2 billion profit. The positive response today, which helped drive the sharemarket higher, came after the profit-reporting season had earlier in August trended to the disappointi... Read More

Virgin Blue to eject V Australia from South Africa, Phuket

Virgin Blue Group will pull V Australia out of South Africa and Phuket and introduce new widebody Airbus A330s on its domestic services. The moves are part of a wide-ranging network review that will also see Virgin Blue jump into bed with Middle eastern carrier Etihad, and free it to concentrate o... Read More

Weak business investment to sideline RBA on interest rates

Australian business investment weakened unexpectedly in the second quarter, leading economists to shave growth forecasts for the period. The softer number will also likely sideline the Reserve Bank of Australia, perhaps until 2011. Private new capital spending on buildings and equipment in Australia... Read More

Macquarie Telecom hosting arm helps profit surge 70pc

Macquarie Telecom posted a 70 per cent surge in full-year net profit today, giving its stock a lift of more than 5 per cent at the ASX. The telco said it had continued to reap financial gain from its booming hosting arm. Annual profit at Macquarie Telecom grew to $10.4 million, compared with $7.45m ... Read More

Origin set to join forces with Gladstone LNG rivals

ORIGIN Energy chief Grant King says his $35 billion Asia-Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas joint venture has caught up to rival Gladstone LNG projects planned by BG Group and Santos, meaning it is time to start consolidation talks. Mr King told The Australian that a deal with British gas giant BG was an... Read More

Toxic ‘clean-up done’, GPT ready for action again

GPT Group, the property giant he leads, has been wrestling to extract itself from a host of “pretty ugly debt positions” and a corporate tangle with former partner and now collapsed Babcock & Brown. But the company’s chief executive says the “clean-up” of Australia... Read More

Canberra stalemate threatens resources-led recovery

And it may lead to a renewed campaign against a proposed mining tax, business leaders and lawyers warn. Deputy Westpac chairman and chairman of Allianz Australia John Curtis said inconsistent policymaking under a minority government would present problems for the mining and associated industries. &#... Read More

Flight Centre triples its net profit

The travel agency has forecast 10 to 20 per cent earnings growth and a profit before tax of $220-240m next year. The solid outlook would be driven by a recovery in airfare yields, a rebound in corporate travel, and improved contributions from India and the US. Managing director Graham Turner said: &... Read More

HSBC well placed to prosper as Asia attracts more investment, says Michael Geoghegan

HSBC’S global chief, Michael Geoghegan, is confident the bank’s Australian business will prosper as more corporations expand in Asia. The Hong Kong-based chief executive of one of the world’s largest banks toured the Australian operations this week ahead of a global roadshow in whi... Read More

ASX profit rises, exchange operator confident despite new competition

The stock exchange operator ASX posted a 4.6 per cent rise in full-year profit and said it was confident on the eve of new competition. The annual results, which were boosted by revenue gains across all its activities other than information services, come on the eve of a crucial development in the A... Read More