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Austral Asia Line

Adding capacity to meet growth Everyone in the resource industry knows that you’re only as good as your logistics chain, whether you are exporting bulk commodities, importing heavy duty equipment or anything in between. But how many companies are capable of linking you up and getting the job done… Read More

Baobab Resources

Making it in Mozambique Obtaining first mover advantage in a district in southern Africa ripe for mining that remains, in some parts, unmapped, is a dream scenario for many. There are, of course, few who have what it takes to make the leap. Western Australia-based leading miner, Baobab Resources, e… Read More

Barminco Limited

An unrivalled hard rock underground contract miner Barminco Limited is on a global path to greatness For 21 years this team has worked tirelessly, unceasingly, to be the go-to vehicle for any mining house in need of hard rock underground contract mining services, and following its latest triumph—… Read More

Bass Metals

Leading the operational/exploration charge in Tasmania Bass Metals epitomizes Tasmanian mining’s good news story The summation of the 2011 Tasmanian Minerals Council/Mineral Resources Tasmania Conference is a positive one, with a general consensus that the outlook is good for this blooming, healt… Read More

Beacon Hill Resources

Mozambique’s big player Beacon Hill Resources is the company behind much of Mozambique’s coal story With global steel production tipped to increase to 1.5 billion tonnes in 2012, it’s fair to say that miners who have got in early and secured top projects in the right locations, are in good st… Read More

Decmil Group Limited

Outperforming others, on time & on budget To keep up with Osborne Park-based civils infrastructure and building company Decmil Group Limited (DGL) planning ahead is critical. Whether you’re hankering for a simple magazine interview or taking in its efforts in the past year, the group moves f… Read More

DT HiLoad

Driving innovation and cost effective project impact DT HiLoad Australia delivers major benefits for fleet haulage economics AuBJ last left DT HiLoad Australia (“DT HiLoad”) with a bursting order book, big plans for further consolidating sales of its praised Hercules truck-mounted bodies, and o… Read More

Matrix Composites & Engineering

Making waves in offshore oil and gas When a company has government, local business on a global scale, employees and industry applauding its efforts, it must be doing something right. This is certainly the case for Perth-headquartered Matrix Composites & Engineering; a major manufacturer for th… Read More

Mood Media

Global leader in brand enhancement When you walk into your favourite store, restaurant or hotel and are enveloped into the atmosphere of background music, pleasant aroma and informative visual displays, you’re likely experiencing retail enhancement provided by Mood Media, the world’s largest in… Read More

Murchison Metals Limited

A Big Day for Australia’s Midwest As a well known company on the brink of an array of advances, Murchison Metals Limited (ASX:MMX) (PINK:MUMTF) is rarely out of the spotlight and with two bankable feasibility studies (BFS), potential mine expansion and infrastructure development, sustaining gover… Read More


Plant-based bottles a packaging breakthrough PepsiCo Inc. says it has hit a landmark in renewable packaging, having developed the world’s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based materials. “We are very excited about this breakthrough innovation in sustainable packaging, and bel… Read More

Resource Generation

Developing South Africa’s next vital coal play Resource Generation is well on track to bringing its massive Boikarabelo coal project into operation Home to 40 per cent of South Africa’s coal resources, the Waterberg coalfields have commanded international attention for some time now, and amongs… Read More

Riversdale Mining

Logistics and local development Riversdale’s Mozambique projects continue down the path to production According to Steve Mallyon, managing director at Mozambique coal impresario, Riversdale Mining (ASX: RIV) of Sydney, Australia New South Wales, the much-talked about miner isn’t half as newswor… Read More

South Boulder Mines

The next globally significant potash producer When we met with South Boulder Mines Limited (ASX: STB) in February 2010, we concluded that significant results throughout 2009 had braced the company’s shareholders for a fruitful year, but little could we have imagined quite how fruitful it would be… Read More