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Next generation of sandwich eaters could be lost

July 27th, 2011

AUBJ – July 27 – Sandwich consumption has dropped 19 per cent over the last nine months among consumers aged 18-24 years, accorded to research carried out by the NPD Group’s CREST service.

The news has led to a warning by The Australasian Sandwich Association (ASA) that the local foodservice industry could lose a generation’s worth of clientele.

Australasian Sandwich Association executive director Graeme McCormack said: “The huge declines in sandwich consumption by 18 to 24 year olds should be of real concern to café owners and foodservice professionals specialising in sandwiches.

“This is the age group that is making food purchasing decisions for the first time and setting a pattern for future food consumption in Australia.

“If younger people turn away from sandwiches, it means that the next generation of sandwich consumers and café clientele may be lost,” he added.